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Project Description
Board Support Package (BSP) for the Gumstix Verdex platform.

This project provides a community version of a Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Board Support Package (BSP) targeted to the Gumstix Verdex platform.

The Gumstix Windows CE 6.0 BSP project is an independent project by individuals interested in sharing their knowledge or information with like minded or similarly interested people. It is not sponsored by, authorized by, sanctioned by, or otherwise endorsed in any manner for any purpose by Gumstix Inc.. All software contributions to this project archive are the work of individual contributors and no warranty is made or implied as to the accuracy, veracity, or efficacy of any of them.


Gumstix at work

Version History

All Verdex hardware available at the time of publication is supported. This includes support for:
  • XM4 (400Mhz, 64MB SDRAM, 16MB Flash)
  • XM4-BT (400Mhz, 64MB SDRAM, 16MB Flash, Bluetooth)
  • XL6 (624Mhz, 128MB SDRAM, 32MB Flash)
  • Configurable, full featured Boot Loader
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi (netMicroWifi-sd)
  • SD/MMC (netMicro-sd)
  • CompactFlash (netCF-vx)
  • I2C
  • SPI
  • Serial port (all three)
  • Ethernet Lan9117 and 91C111 (netCF-vx and netMicroxxx)
  • Console-vx support
  • Samsung LCD display (480X272 18 or 16bit color)
  • Touch screen
  • Power button and battery driver
  • Notification LED
  • Breakout-vx (I2C, etc)
  • Suspend/resume support
  • Sleep and standby power managment
  • Audiostix (audio in and out)
  • USB client (ActiveSync support)
  • USB host
  • PQOAL and best practice BSP structure
  • Managed Code (C# or VB) support library
  • Managed code samples
  • Full SDK

More features are planned for the near future including:
  • Full Microsoft certification

The BSP software is offered under the MS-PL license and as such you are pretty much free to do with it what you please.
As a common courtesy I only ask the following:
  • You do not repost this software anywhere else
  • You do not offer this software for sale.

If you find this software helpful, please support further development and testing by donating $25
btn_donate_LG.gif Help fund this project

You are also still bound by the terms of Microsoft's Platform Builder and Windows CE operating system licenses.
See for licensing and terms of use information.

This software is fully functional. It does not incorporate any "time bombs" or any "deactivation" device.
With this BSP you can construct Windows CE images incorporating the components of your choosing.
It is distributed as a binary BSP and support is limited. I will do my best to fix bugs and answer questions when time permits.

I am also available for limited contract engineering.
A premium BSP with full source code is also available.
Contact me through my account on this site if you wish more information.

Professional support

I will also be working with SpecialComputing
Special Computing offers:
  • Complete Gumstix development kits preloaded with Windows CE.
  • Training.
  • Professional Microsoft eMVP support.
  • OEM Custom development.
  • Runtime licensing.
  • Certified CETK testing

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