Loading OS image (NK.bin)

Feb 10, 2008 at 12:02 PM
Hi all,

I've been trying to get WinCE up and running on my new gumstix set (XL6p, consoleLCD-vx, netmicroSD, Samsung LCD),
but have bumped into some problems along the way.

So far I've completed the following steps:
1. Replaced U-boot with eboot.nb0 using serial transfer (hyperterminal).
2. Reloaded into eboot, set hardware word to 0x80007442, saved, reloaded.
3. Configured static ip, mac addr.
4. Set download device to SMSC9117(netMicro)
5. Selected 'D' for download
6. On my winXP box, I've fired up eshell, detected the gumstix, and selected NK.bin.

The next step is what seems to be causing me problems - the image downloads to RAM on the gumstix, but
then in the console I see:
"Download success! Jumping to image at physical 0xA01074C8...
Waiting for host to connect..."

I had expected at this point the image would boot up, but it seems to be waiting for something. I've tried using the cerhost_IP application, but it gives me UDP error messages("!CheckUDP: Not UDP ( proto = 0x00000006)").

Can anyone advise where I've gone wrong in the process?

Thanks in advance,
Feb 10, 2008 at 8:15 PM
A couple of things. First you probably want 0x80007042 as your hardware word. You can not have Audiostix and ConsoleLCD at the same time.
When you select the CONSOLE_LCD (bit 14) you get the touch screen support on the ConsoleLCD-vx board.
Also you probably want to turn off the persistent registry and console USB host to start. i.e. set 0x00005042.
This will allow you to bring it up and have ActiveSync support (USB client). After you get the image loaded you can go back and incrementally
add the other options. Remember, once you enable USB host you loose USB client so you can not change the registry via ActiveSync any more.
Also I would copy the nk.bin to the root of the SD storage card and use the EBOOT option to launch it from the SD card to start. Again to make sure the image is OK before attempting to load it into the on chip flash.

Feb 10, 2008 at 10:04 PM
Thanks David!

I adjusted the hardware word to 0x00005042 and put NK.bin onto a SD card, and it booted up first try.