CE on usb gumstix Newbie questions.

Apr 17, 2008 at 9:59 PM
First, again, thanks Dave for giving us access to a gumstix ce image!
Last time I used CE was 2.11! ALOT has changed.

My company is using vxworks almost 100% :( While I'm ok with vxworks, I think developers could be more productive using CE.
I am trying to put together a demo using the gumstix for the purpose of selling management on ce for our next project.
All our current products are headless. This next product will be as well. (We use our own graphics libraries)

I have a few questions which will greatly send me in the right direction.
I have an NK.BIN (about 4.9 meg)

Here goes...

1) Under headless (no gwes modules at all) can I still get a Windows CE> prompt to run profiling etc... from my one serial connected to the tweener?
2) I had usb async working on a full image, can usb networking be made to work in headless?
3) Can DevStudio2005 debugging work over usb net?
4) I attempted to run cmd.exe using the init registry key. It worked, but only output. Input seemed dead. Is this possible?

If I am able to demo this, sell it to management, we will purchase a reference design from someone and go from there.


Apr 18, 2008 at 2:04 AM
1 and 2) I believe this is possible but must admit I have never tried it.
I would recommend using the ActiveSync (USB client) connection for this. That I know will allow you full debugging capability ... even if headless.
3) Debugging is prefered over ActiveSync.
4) Yes, I think you would have to implement a "scanf" like input function or something like that.