Loading NK.BIN on XL6

Jul 28, 2008 at 3:38 PM
What are the options for loading the NK.BIN image on an XL6?  I'd like to use the serial port and HyperTerminal, if possible.  I've followed your steps up to this point, but now I'm stuck.

Thank you.
Jul 28, 2008 at 4:51 PM
I seem to be having another problem.  I cannot get the onboard NIC to initialize:

Microsoft Windows CE Bootloader Common Library Version 1.4 Built Mar 10 2008 22:
Watchdog Reset
For GumstixIII Verdex Platform  1.3 Built Mar 12 2008 08:52:18
PLATFORM INFO: XL6 Verdex @624Mhz
RAM INFO:Size 134217728
FLASH INFO:Size 33423360
FLASH INFO:Bytes per blocks: 131072 Number of blocks: 255
FLASH INFO:Sectors per blocks: 256 Data bytes per sector: 512
Serial number: 710B01A147F89095
Configuring ConsoleLCD18...Configured w/USB client.
Configuring netMicro-SD...LAN9118: Chip Id 117 Revision 2
Auto Negotiation Failed
LAN9117 Mac = 00-1B-71-95-40-33
Configured wo/WiFi.
XL6 platform Configured!

Press [ENTER] to download now or [SPACE] to cancel.

Initiating image download in 2 seconds.

Boot Loader Configuration:

0) IP configuration:            STATIC: MASK:
1) SMSC MAC address:            00-1B-71-95-40-33
2) USB RNDIS MAC address:       00-1D-79-91-44-21
3) Boot delay:                  3 seconds
4) Hardware configuration:      0x00005042
5) Startup:                     Download image
6) Download device:             STUART
7) Download baud rate:          115200
8) Reset default configuration
9) Edit memory
C) Clean registry boot:         NO
U) Unlock boot blocks
R) Reset
S) Store and lock configuration/boot blocks
D) Download image now
L) Launch RAM resident image now

Enter your selection:

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Jul 28, 2008 at 6:57 PM
I solved my problem.  I realized I wasn't using a crossover ethernet cable.