GunmstixIII_BIN 1.4

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Released: Nov 10, 2008
Updated: Nov 16, 2008 by dvescovi
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Release Notes

Note: The example NK.BIN included with the SDK is for educational, demonstration and development purposes only!
It is not legal to base a commercial product off of this NK.bin image.
See the MIcrosoft Windows CE and Platform Builder license for terms and conditions.
The author assumes no responsibility for use (or misuse as the case may be).
For commercial use you must regenerate the image yourself and use your runtime licenses.

1.4 adds support for PRO Verdex motherboards and netPRO.
Major functionality is the same as 1.3.
See "Version History" on Home page for complete details.

Remove any previous versions by deleting the <WINCE600>\OSDesigns\GumstixIII_BIN_1 and <WINCE600>\PLATFORM\GumstixIII_BIN directory before installing.
Installing just involves unzipping and moving the associated directory to the proper <WINCE600>\XXXX directory.

If you just wish to work with the prebuilt binary image (i.e application developer, Platform Builder need not be installed) you only need to download and install the SDKs.
Everything needed, including the prebuilt image, boot loader, tools and samples are included with the SDK. (Visual Studio 2005 recommended).

If you have a previous version of the SDK installed be sure to uninstall and delete any residual files and the install directory first.
Caution: Uninstall first!
The default install location is <Program Files\Windows CE Tools\wce600\XXXX>.

The emulator SDK integrates with Visual Studio and allows you to do native and managed code development on the desktop without the need for the actual hardware.
Many times you can do 90% of your development using just the emulator.
This emulator build closely parallels the GumstixIII_BIN_1 device build with many of the same components.

See online documentation for more information.

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