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Verdex CE 6.0 Binary HIstory

V1.4 10-NOV-2008 Change set 16879
Fixed several PRO related issues.
Fixed Bluetooth init issue.
1.4 SDK and BSP refresh. Released.

V1.4 1-OCT-2008 -BETA- Change set 16058
Added support for XM4PRO and XL6PRO.
Added support for netPRO.
New boot loaders versions (1.4)
Revised SetGumstixHardwareWord utility 2.0
Added HID mouse and keyboard USB profile to default OSDesign.
New prebuilt image and SDK 1.4

V1.3 27-JUL-2008 Change set 14748
Added flash file and ram disk option for XL6
Defined new hardware word bits to support new disk options.
Flash disk is 8mb partitioned from the 32mb local flash (which still leaves a little
headroom for image to grow).
Ram disk is 16mb partitioned from the 128mb of ram.

V1.2 21-JUL-2008 Change set 14608
Added SPI driver and managed example.
Several small OAL improvements.

V1.1a 11-APR-2008 Change set 8822
Power button support removed from default image.
Moved project specific TCP/IP NIC setting to project.reg instead of platform.reg.
Corrected display filtering and change default virtual display resolution to 640x480.
Added ability to recognize batch files in startup directory on storage card.
Upgraded SDF assemblies from 2.1 to 2.2
Added USB camera driver.
Image and SDK refresh.

V1.1 12-FEB-2008
Added Suspend/resume support. Power managment, sleep, battery and power button driver.
Variable tic timer, boot loader mods. Port 1 USB host support.

V1.0 23-JAN-2008
Initial release

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